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Like Dave, patients who initially delayed shoulder replacement surgery because of apprehension are often the most relieved and appreciative following their procedures. Dave realized the inability to lift his arm was holding him back from an active lifestyle and he committed to learning more about his options. If your pain is holding you back, it might be time to consider surgery.

Most commonly, total shoulder replacement is recommended for patients suffering from arthritis and degeneration of the ball-and-socket joint. When the smooth surfaces (cartilage) of the ball and socket become rough, they rub against each other rather than glide. This results in pain, stiffness, and swelling, which can limit daily activities and may even interfere with sleep. To alleviate shoulder pain and help improve range of motion, most patients who have experienced long-term shoulder pain decide to have their shoulder replaced.

Shoulder replacement procedures have become less invasive due to more advanced, bone-preserving methods and patient-specific technologies. Your doctor can now create a 3D surgical plan before your procedure to help ensure a custom fit that feels natural to you.

Learn more about the benefits of stemless total shoulder replacement and get back to the activities you love.

*This real patient was compensated for the time they took to share their personal experience with the Arthrex Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery.

Former Pro Baseball Player With the Eclipse™ Total Shoulder System: 3-Year Follow-Up

Three years after shoulder replacement surgery, former major league pitcher Dave Dravecky is still enjoying his active lifestyle thanks to the Eclipse™ total shoulder system and the hands of a great surgeon.

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